Cover band info

 In addition to playing my original music and hosting two open mics (See Open Mic info section), I play in several bands, each of which has its own flavor. We are available as a duo, trio or full band. Check the calendar to see where we are playing. Send me an email if you are interested in booking us. 

A female fronted act which focuses on classic rock music with the talented Melissa Chill leading the band. We don't just focus on the standard female singer songs (though we do of course perform them to perfection). With this show, you'll hear classic Springsteen, Neil Young, Beatles and lots of '80's and '90's songs. We can tailor the show to an intimate acoustic affair or a full-on rock show.

An uptempo duo featuring the talented and powerful Mike Dockery on lead vocals. Set list ranges from classic rock, Motown/R&B, country to current top hits. Also available as a trio or full band.

A Motown/R&B act featuring Tony Stacey, a dynamic frontman who will have everyone in the room dancing. We play music that everyone knows. You'll be singing along with us for sure! 

Melissa Chill

The Extras